#mmmay18 Roundup, Part 1

We're halfway through Me Made May, which means unless you have a full wardrobe of me-made garments, you're probably starting to scramble a bit. I know I am! I mean, I probably wear that purple floral dress every other week, if not every week (and sometimes multiple days in a week!), but do I really want to document that? Do you guys really want to see it?


In any event, I've been wearing more me-mades both to my day job and out dancing, and I'm compiling a list of design features that I reach for the most, since these will inform future design work. Here's what I have so far:

1. This gathered bust 

I always thought I wore this dress all the time because I like the print, but it turns out I also really like the shape. The gathers add a little volume at the bust, and the big gathered skirt balances things out and draws attention to the waist.

2. Smaller, less voluminous skirts

Big skirts spin well, which I why I'm always going for bigger and better. But during the day I dig something smaller and more compact, like this pencil mini. I've been craving a longer, high-waisted version, and I'll probably make one before the month is out.

3. High backs

I live in spaghetti straps in the summer, but at work I feel a little weird with all that real estate exposed. The Buttondown Dress solves this problem well (and I'm making another one this week!) but otherwise I tend to reach for a skirt + shirt combo when I'm wearing me-mades to work, since most of my dresses are pretty strappy. This is probably the biggest thing for me so far. Get ready for some more high-backed designs!

4. Circle skirts

Circles are such a lovely, simple shape. I love a big gathered skirt more than most people, but there's something about a circle skirt that's irresistibly light and feminine. And with temps already in the upper nineties, lighter is always better. They're also great for applique, which is definitely on my list for the summer.

5. The space dress

High back, open neckline, and a shape that actually fits my waist and hips? SOLD. Bonus points for being flattering, comfy, and casual enough to wear to work with some white chucks. This is only my second design with knits, so I'm not sure a pattern is coming your way just yet, but I definitely want to do some more experimenting!

What about you? How is your Me Made May going so far? Have you noticed any trends in your own wardrobe yet? 

Happy sewing!



  • Hi Shiv! Thank you! It’s my own design, though I believe there are similar ones around. :)

  • ah, the circle skirt dress is a STUNNER! What pattern did you use, or did you just magically whip it up on your own?


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